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May 30, 2012 4:00pm PDT
, in the united states needs to be a part of it. charles taylor gets a bit the- year sentence for war crimes described as some of the most heinous in history. in the digital age, bringing back the good-old fashioned bookshop. er inlcome to our view mirro around the world. 13 bodies apparently executed were found in the eastern part of syria. the killings were discovered even as the u.n. security council held a meeting on last week's massacre that left more than 100 people dead and sparked wide-right combination of the regime. james robbins starts our coverage. >> no sign of the plea for peace in syria being heated. our creeks of violence in different parts of the country. -- outbreaks of violence in different parts of the country. last friday's massacre took place in houla. >> the syrian government, people are extremely troubled with this heinous and unjustified terrorist killing that took place and houla. today and other massacre was uncovered. -- today another massacre was uncovered. some were shot at close range. the fears that violence could spread through the region. >> in the worst cas
May 30, 2012 2:30pm PDT
for intervention on capitol hill. >> there is no doubt in my mind that action is necessary now. the united states needs to be a part of it. >> liberia's former president gets a 50-year sentence for war crimes described as some of the most heinous in history. and greenback the bookstore -- bringing back the bookstore, one well-known author is stocking the shelves in hopes of bringing back the written page. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and elsewhere around the world. tonight, fresh evidence of the breach in the u.n. broken cease- fire in syria. 13 bodies, apparently executed, were found in the eastern part of the country. the killings were discovered that even as the u.n. security council held a closed meeting on last week's massacre that left more than 100 dead and sparked widespread condemnation of the assad regime. >> another mass killing. the commander of the u.s. observer team in syria, general mahmoud, said the bodies of the 13 men with hallett -- with hands bound were found shot dead on tuesday. he calls the appalling and inexcusable. it is the second time in less than a week tha
May 24, 2012 5:30pm EDT
that the united states and al qaeda are on the same side here. both want the overthrow of president assad. what if you get rid of him only to hand the victory to people like these? this front emerged with an internet video that says they're jihadis back from other wars to fight in syria. we don't know if this video is genuine, but some believe this is the futures in syria. >> the number were quite small in the beginning but they have grown in this time. the hard element of the opposition, the armed, the combat-experienced people who come up from either libya or iraq not only are the vanguard, but they're actually pushing out all other forms of opposition. >> the regime says that this is the result. they blame bombings in damascus on islamists. the front denied they did this. some syrians did go to iraq to fight. did they come back it al qaeda's ideology? this man fought in iraq. he says he was defending his tribe, which is found in both countries. despite appearances, he doesn't like al qaeda. he fears them and he says he doesn't believe they are behind the recent bombings. >> this lie has been
May 21, 2012 4:00pm PDT
security force depends on the united states being willing to continue to foot the bill to the tune of billions of dollars. that is not likely to happen in the long run given the economic problems back home. >> the president is committing support. how is he going to sell that back home when the troops are out? " potentially there will be less interest in afghanistan in the united states and europe when the troops are out. that does not mean the problems in afghanistan are going to go away. without an american troop presence, the afghan economy can be taken down. there will be less money. there will be greater pressure coming from the taliban who will fill in as the isaf troops pull back. there's a great chance the security force could break up or be defeated by the taliban. there is the potential for civil war and civil conflict returning to afghanistan. we forget that i sent troops -- isaf troops have been a big source of stability. you will have a document will be filled by forces we're not sure of now. >> how important is pakistan given that they cannot even agree on a deal for s
May 24, 2012 4:00pm PDT
, if they waited for the united states to make the decision and the united states hid behind the opposition of russia and china at the united nations security council. now we find ourselves in this desperate moment. i'm very dubious about this whole story about the promise of jihadists. but the responsibility is borne by the democracy. >> you have just returned from turkey and you have been to the refugee camps along the turkish- syrian border. did you find any willing was in turkey from syria's neighbor that they do something about what's happening across the border? >> these refugee camps are the home of the true historian of the rebellion. that is where you get educated about what is happening in these last accrual 15 months. the answer as to whether they are ready to do the right thing by the rebellion, i think there is readiness to take the risk, but everyone is waiting for barack obama and everyone is waiting for the united states. they will not do anything without american support. the libyans report -- the libyans support this rebellion. the saudis are willing to do the proper thing
May 16, 2012 4:00pm PDT
's last 30 minutes in the limelight was that he was the victim of a conspiracy led by the united states. >> a conspiracy was born, all systems put into motion, and here i stand today. i never stood a chance. >> the former liberian president once again insisted on his innocence, saying he would never have supported the rebels who committed atrocities. in stark contrast to guilty judgment, he said he had been working for peace in sierra leone. >> what i did to help bring peace to sierra leone was done with honor. >> his speech will not change what happened in the sierra leone capital in 1999. the former president of liberia help plan an attempted takeover by rebels. the widespread atrocities committed at the time included the amputation of innocent civilians limbs, murder and rape. the judges have left no doubt that they think charles taylor knew about these atrocities. >> in relation to an assessment -- in-line >> the prosecution has called for mr. taylor to be given 80 years in jail. the defense says that is excessive. vinyl sentencing will take place in two weeks' time. -- final senten
May 17, 2012 4:00pm PDT
on tuesday. united states is suspending most sanctions against burma in response to reforms. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton will allow american companies to invest in burma, but an arms embargo will remain. and a chinese activist has given details of his torture and retribution they said they suffered at the hands of chinese authorities. the bbc has obtained the first interviews with his family members since he escaped from house arrest last month and fled to the american embassy in beijing, causing a diplomatic crisis. we have more from damascus. >> the human rights activist whose daring escape into the arms of american diplomats put china and america at loggerheads. for 15 days, he had been under guard at a beijing hospital. just how he managed to flee his illegal house arrest, and then adding dozens of guards watching him is becoming more clear. first, he had to scale the walls of his house. as he did, he fell and broke his foot. he head -- hid in a neighbor's pig sty and then late that night went to the river. he could not swim across, but the guards on the bridge were asleep.
May 29, 2012 4:00pm PDT
told to get out. britain and the united states were among others ordering syrian officials,. >> we will go on trying to increase international pressure on the regime. this is part of that. >> serious top diplomats and others at the embassy in london have been given seven days to leave britain. it is part of concerted worldwide exploration from many capitals designed to send a strong signal to president bashar al-assad. in damascus, the u.n. special envoy burned president -- urged president bashar al-assad to stop the killing. but the president denied having anything to do with the deaths. it didn't look like a meeting of minds. >> we are at a tipping point. the syrian people do not want a future to be one of bloodshed and division. yet the killings continue and the abuses are with us today. >> if the massacre is a tipping point, it could be to still greater violence. the regime has so far always calculated that its survival depends on overwhelming force, not on dialogue. >> for more on the diplomatic moves to isolate the regime, i spoke to the u.s. state department spokesman. i hav
May 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
in interesting terrorist activities in the united states and elsewhere. you can have a smaller -- interrupting terrorist activities in the united states and elsewhere. you can have a smaller force have a larger impact than having a massive show on the ground, which can, in fact, be counterproductive. >> on the anniversary of the killing of osama bin ladin, how much safer do you think america and the west is today from the threat of islamic terrorism? >> i think we are safer, not yet safe. i think we will never be safe as long as individuals have access to technology and are allowed to travel internationally annualize that technology. i think we have to be -- and utilize that technology. i think we have to be a resilient nation. i think we have a long twilight struggle against terrorism. i think we have to be prepared for a lifetime of individuals having access and the capability to inflict damage. >> thank you for coming. >> a reminder that terrorism can come in many guises here in america to night -- guises. here in america tonight, five men described as anarchists have been arrested after pl
May 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
of catastrophic proportions. yes, the united states administration and the diplomatic core may have preserved the relationship with china, but at what price? i think for people who are concerned about human rights, people are concerned about the united states reputation as a beacon to preserve human rights this is looking like a pretty amateurish move. it's quite troubling, actually. >> what your cover story suggests is this has implications almost beyond the square episode because of the relationship being so much more integrated between china and the sthust >> yeah, there is no going back. back even a generation ago, china was not a major player on the world stage. it wasn't the second largest g.d.p., so if china decided that it want to be a bit more her metic or pull back, the stakes weren't as big. now the stakes are gigantic. it's not only the world's largest country, but it's much more forceful on the global stage. this has far reaching ramifications, much more possibly than teenman square. >> the recent scandal seemed to point to weaknesses within the chinese political system right at
May 8, 2012 4:00pm PDT
dozen years, the expanded international cooperation. it was the tip of overseas to allow the united states -- the good news is that working with various countries including yemen, the government of like the predecessor is lmuch more forward. it recognizes that al qaeda is a threat to itself. the international cooperation here means that we are getting better at thwarting these plots. but groups are still trying to. >> doesn't underline that what we will have to do is rely on intelligence? >> the information is possible and the conduct of another operation that came across. it is unclear how close to the inner circle -- it is one of the most difficult aspect because a group like al qaeda the fought together in afghanistan, it is tricky. nonetheless, because we have been able to take out so many operatives, they don't have the bench they have had before. they might be able to insert that. >> the ability to operate as a coherent structure. we see there is johann strong in afghanistan. >> where he was referring to was the circles, they probably don't have the ability to conduct the atta
May 22, 2012 6:00pm EDT
for more rights for urdi speakers. every year, thousands of women are smuggled from mexico to the united states and forced to become sex workers. the hub of this trade is a small town in central mexico where everybody is involved in this modern form of slavery or knows about it. >> i think of young women who are naive and lured into th ese romantic relationships bisects traffickers. >> [speaking foreign language] >> she was forced to work as a prostitute in new york for 18 months. she was abducted from the streets of mexico city by an infamous gang of sex traffickers. we come to mexico to find out how she was trafficked from here to new york city. we are blind to follow the journey -- goin g to follow the journey. one of the safest states as in mexico. largely untouched by the drug war. this is the epicenter of the sex trafficking trade. munoz works for a charity. she explains how pimps from one particular town that trap -- target women. >> they show them houses that most people here cannot afford. the women not only fall in love with them, they see an opportunity for a better life. they
May 2, 2012 4:00pm PDT
him to the most radical left-wing president the united states had ever had. and that was it. the answer is -- not really. >> does this mean it has lost its voice in this campaign? >> the cycle has been about trying to find a candidate that is not mitt romney. but they had enormous influence. they pushed mitt romney into many conservative positions to probably would not have adopted other was. and they scared off other candidates from joining the race. so the two parties have tremendous influence on the process. may be too much from the republican point of view is that want to win the race. >> to the democrats care if he dropped out of the -- to the democrats care if he dropped out of the race? >> they have been treating mitt romney like the enemy for months. but i think it is useful. they have used the wild ride -- they have video of newt gingrich under the heading up "not mitt's biggest fan." >> i remember my favorite parts of the entire campaign was the colonies on the moon. what do you think his legacy will be? >> i am not sure he has established more of a legacy except m
May 4, 2012 2:30pm PDT
-term value that shareholders realize. so, they see themselves increasingly untethered from the united states but also from governments in general. multinationals have spread themselves out of around the world and in the post cold war era, i think they feel less to any national system. in the cold war, companies in the west where the king at this as a contest with an opposing system. now, they're on their own. >> what about their public image? we tried to contact them about your book and they have not gotten back to us. did the action to care about what we think? >> they have concluded that they can change it very much. -- do they action to care about what we think? >> they have concluded that they cannot change it very much. they are looking for some golden age they can model a new strategy on, they cannot find it. primarily, it is because of the power that gasoline has over the american life. it is a utility that you cannot escape. the price goes up, when it goes up, the new price is right next to the brand of exxon mobil. drivers are trapped by these indirect taxes. they're not sure to bla
May 9, 2012 4:00pm PDT
at the highest level. >> we went to the president of the united states, and he directed us to proceed. >> the techniques were first tried out on a close confidante of osama bin laden. he was seen in pakistan -- he was seized in pakistan six months after 9/11. >> he had shut down. he was not talking. we had to come up with a set of alternative techniques that would convince the terrorist that he had no control over his situation. that his fate was in our hands. >> he was stripped naked, strapped down, and water boarded 83 times. his captivity and interrogation were recorded across 92 videotapes. a year after his capture, the cia and finally closed in on kalid sheik mohammed, who was in a secret site thought to be in poland. in an effort to break him, he was water boarded 183 times. >> kalid sheik mohammed would start counting with fingers on his hands, to let us know the tent second was about to come up. he knew that was when it stopped. that was -- that this does sound like a man who was concerned about dying, does it? >> after six weeks, the kalid sheik mohammed reached a breaking po
May 10, 2012 2:30pm PDT
the epidemic is very clear. i think being over prescribed, over medicated. we as a country in the united states have the highest use of oaks company doan and hide do doan in the world. i would like to know when we became the most painful nation in the world. we have become a society of wusses. >> unused painkillers produce a ready supply of pills. >> it was described as a quantity of 60. in the bottle, there is probably fifty-something yet. >> this policeman sees the consequences. >> it is a nationwide problem, but it has become an epidemic in suburbia because more and more people are becoming addicted. >> the doctor says it is not the craving. for me it has. but i have no cravings. >> rich is weaning himself off the addiction, taking medication to stop the systems. having lost everything, he is rebuilding his life. "bbc news," new jersey. >> it has been billed as the successor to hubbel. the telescope is being built for launch in 2018. scientists expect to see light from the formation of the universe. here is our report. >> it is a grand scientific undertaking, a space telescope so big and sen
May 11, 2012 2:30pm PDT
dampening the growth in the united states. it could worsen. the big risks for president obama, and that is why he has been working so hard to make sure they keep moving forward. >> thank you very much for your insight. turning now to a scandal that has rocked the british political establishment, the former editor of to news and a national tabloid has been telling an ethics inquiry about her close relationship with top politicians in london. rebekah brooks said she used to exchange text messages with david cameron. >> running the gauntlet of the media, the woman who was once a significant number of that. ,nce rupert murdoch's protegee here today to face questions about the world of the press and politicians. >> thank you. >> she resigned from news international shortly after she was arrested by police investigating phone hacking. she told the inquiry that her departure had prompted commiseration from within the government. >> i received indirect messages from number 10, number 11, home office, for an office. >> did mr. blair send you one? >> yes. >> it has been reported, in rel
May 11, 2012 4:00pm PDT
dampening growth in the united states by about a quarter of a percentage point. it could worsen. it is a big risk for president obama and that is why he has been working so hard to make sure that they keep moving forward, that they do compromise and reach agreements. >> thank you very much. america has other financial news to worry about. more red tape could come to wall street after jpmorgan announced an unexpected loss of two billion dollars. is a mass of the embarrassment for america's biggest bank and one that could reignite debate on tighter banking regulations. our correspondent reports. >> this is the image of one of wall street's most famous banks. >> when the economy tumbled, jpmorgan chase worked one-on-one with homeowners. >> by j.p. morgan has to own up to losses after big trading mistakes. they were caught up in financial gambles that backfired. one trader, nicknamed the london whale or voldemort, is believed to be behind the trading. >> this strategy was flawed, poorly executed, poorly monitored. it was more volatile than we thought. it is obvious at this point that there were
May 18, 2012 4:00pm PDT
war. the united states is so much more powerfully militarily than the other countries. britain under prime minister cameron and france under president sarkozy showed tremendous leadership in libya. they led us to that victory, so i think britain and france deserve some credit for that. >> that was former u.s. ambassador to nato on the challenges ahead for the alliance. you are watching "bbc world news america," still to come -- you have heard about china's economic boom but its population is aging faster than any other nation and that could put the brakes on. in just a few days, the dominican republic will elect a new president. as we found, there are some young politicians already making a real difference when it comes to getting results. >> there are plenty of smiles now, but conditions at this school in this dominican town are primitive. the children falling ill, even dying. it is water that is the problem, either it is contaminated by sewage or just is not there at all. courtesy of a 15-year-old politician, a new water tank has arrived. i talked to my fellow counselors because i
May 22, 2012 2:30pm PDT
, thousands of women are smuggled from mexico to the united states and forced to become sex workers. central to the trade is a small town in mexico, where virtually everyone is either involved in this form of modern slavery or knows about it. we have an exclusive bbc investigation. >> to me, what i hear the word, i think of the young people who are naÏve. and you are drawn into these romantic relationships by sex traffickers. >> [speaking foreign language] >> she was forced to work as a prostitute here in new york for 18 months. she was abducted from the streets of mexico city by an infamous gang of sex traffickers. we come here to mexico to find out how she was trafficked and taken to new york city. we are going to follow the journey that the traffickers compel her and so many other women to make. one of the safest states in mexico, largely untouched by the drug war, but this is the epicenter of the sex trafficking trade. i met a woman who works for a charity that helps victims of trafficking. she explained how pimps from one particular town target women. >> they showed them houses that no
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 52 (some duplicates have been removed)